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UK Print On Demand

Print on demand (POD) is a printing technology and business process that allows book copies (or other documents) to be printed in single or small quantities until the company receives an order. While other industries pioneered the build-to-order business model, "print on demand" could not emerge until the advent of digital printing, because printing single copies using traditional printing technologies such as letterpress and offset printing was prohibitively expensive.

Many traditional small presses have switched to POD printing equipment or outsourced their printing to POD service providers. POD services are used by many academic publishers, including university presses, to maintain large backlists (lists of older publications); some use POD for all of their publications. Larger publishers may employ.

Clothing is another popular way of utilising POD

UK Print on demand companies enable smaller brands to expand their product offering without investing in pre-printed products. Offering a customised experience in which you have complete control over your products, packaging, and everything in between. My Needs are Simple have one of the largest sustainable catalogues in the UK and aim to gradually reduce the ecological footprint of each of our products. With their Stanley/Stella partnership they can create an ethical clothing brand for you using their eco-friendly DTG service.

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