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Venue TV Advertising

We are changing the face of advertising by providing entertainment to local venues, shops and waiting rooms.

In the form of either local radio or local style Royalties free Radio and video.

While at the same time catching the eye of the customer with TV style ads and a music background.

The Ads are high quality TV style ads produced to get attention with a call to action 


Turn the sound on and watch the full video to get a clear idea of how a live screen will work on site. Local Radio (live) jingle ads are also available to venues to encourage high uptime. Each screen (video only) will last no longer than 10 minutes with auto reload ensuring your ads get Max Xposure 

The radio is a live stream in the background. This stream clip is playing a 1978 top 40 chart, but because its live the music and D'js vary from day to day.

Radio stations can vary to suit taste and venue requirements.

Radio Station Excerpt Playing Gwent Radio

TV Screen ads
Radio Jingle example 1
Radio Jingle Example 2


Today everyone has instant access to the internet while waiting in a venue.

While kicking one's heels or relaxing, one look at your screen ad can easily encourage a search on Google a phone call or a save for later, while at the same time using the power and psychology of  TV advertising and enhancing your brands awareness locally. 

If the potential customer travels around town its likely they will see your Ad again and again.


Better Value Better Results

A Max Xposure Ad placement Starts as little as £25 per venue per month

Ambassadors start at a minimum of 10+ venues 

Averaging 60-100 views per day per venue

Our Competitors 

  • Standard Street Billboard Advertising (48 Sheet size)  £160 - £250 per week per site

  • Large Digital Billboard advertising can vary depending on size and location £500+ a week

  • TV advertising is off the scale £30k - £200k +

  • Newspaper ads around £500 per page for one day only 

This is Times Square, these ads cost thousands per day.

Ok we realise this is not on the same scale as far as prestige and the WOW factor, but you should get the idea.

Our concept was born from this style

of advertising but its:

  • More targeted 

  • More personal 

  • Longer attention span per Ad 

  • Locally targeted 

  • More affordable

  • Flexible editing at no extra cost 

  • Catches the public eye when they have time 

  • Places reminders around more corners 

Ads are created to catch the public eye and remind us all when and where possible. 

With branding, offers and contact details. 


So if you have an ad in most businesses in your city over a period of time you will get the results you hope for and at a fraction of the cost of a Times Square Ad.  

What is most exiting about this concept:

All business can afford to get involved at some level  

Video Ads For Local Business 

    High Quality TV Advertising Format

  • Views (local) averaging 20 -30K a year per screen

  • Become an ambassador guaranteeing a minimum 10 venues = up to 300k views a year 

  • Venues have the choice of Royalty licence free music or local radio, allowing all to venues participate ​

  • Venues chosen for popularity and best focal positions (pubs , hair salons, takeaways, waiting rooms) etc

  • The Radio provides entertainment keeping both the customer and the venue happy

  • Venues who play local radio get a jingle played on their local station

  • Provide your own video Ad or we make it for you see some more examples here

  • Venues can earn up to £3600+ a year

  • Screens are monitored for a minimum 75% uptime & removed if not complying 


 TV Style Ads At a Fraction of The Cost 

Here's the Maths

Ambassador 50 plan

Lets stay conservative and say 50 views per venue per day 

at a cost of £29 per venue with 50 venues live 

Overall cost £29 x 50 = £1450 per month 

50 views x 50 venues x 26 days = 65,000 = 0.022p per view   

65,000 x 12 months = a whopping 780,000 views per year  


Average Digital ad pricing 

Google Ads 0.20p - 6.00 per click 

Facebook ads 0.08 - 1.00 per view 

YouTube Ads 0.10 - 1.00 per view 

The worry: You have to take the word of the Social media platform and you no will have true idea if these figures are genuine. 

Now that one major social media platform has been exposed for allegedly having up to, or close to 40% fake accounts.

Watch the Video 

Where ?

Your ads go live in Local City venues 

  • We choose venues that provide good foot-fall

      and also have a good focal point for their screen.

  • Venues have a choice of Royalty free or Local Radio 

  • Venues don't pay for the service while at the same time have a revenue opportunity. This creates a high demand for venues to come on board while also helping the local business community to thrive.

  • Each venue also has an incentive to keep the service live for their own advantage.   

Screen advertising

Grow Local Together

Greatly improve your brand awareness - Help your local business community - Capture an audience at the best possible time 

When your City is fully populated with the screens the ripple effect to the community is pretty powerful. 

"Wow this advertising is a whole Ecosystem for local businesses"  Anon Sales Adviser

90% of all information transmitted to the human brain during the course of a day is visual. Although verbal communication is essential, visual information will always reign supreme. According to studies, 40% of people respond far better to visuals than they do to text.

  • Three days later, when consumers process information paired with relevant images, they retain 65 percent of that information.

  • When content is paired with colourful visuals, people are 80 percent more likely to read it.

  • Visual aided presentations are 43 percent more persuasive.

as an Ambassador

and secure your venues now! 


How can I Reduce the cost and increase the quantity of venues, or both?


Contact your suppliers or partners and include their brand in the ads and ask for a contribution

Tel: 029 2264 5501

 Ambassador Benefits 

  • Very low cost effective advertising 

  • Only pay for each live venue 

  • Ability to build up venue numbers

  • Help support local radio 

  • Help support local community  

  • Ability to change ads 

  • High quality video ads 

  • Add screen to own venue help cover 

  • Tax deductible advertising

  • Pre book venues only pay for live venue

  • Advertising to suit all budgets

  • No Cost Ad set up 


Amount of venues Interest

Thanks for submitting!




Is there another way a venue can benefit without selling spaces to their customers


Yes we will produce a list of live locations so if your venue is not interested in making a passive income from you're screen you can swap ads and advertise you're own business elsewhere up to 6 places. Again providing more help to the local business community. 

Tel: 029 2264 5501

 Venue Benefits 

  • Free Radio Jingle played live 

  • New Revenue opportunity

  • No cost set up (if TV and Internet already on site)

  • Entertainment for customers 

  • Royalty free Radio stream available 

  • Partner with Local community Radio 

  • Provide Information (weather, news, football scores etc.

  • Add food menu 

  • Display and encourage Google and Facebook Reviews ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

  • Use your revenue to build your own screen portfolio

  • Venue can add own announcements

  • Display latest news 

  • Display Board to help Sales 

Amount of venues Interest

Thanks for submitting!

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